Hello again, backers! Have you missed us? We definitely missed you.

Speaking of our wonderful backers, this was certainly a cool thing to wake up to:

It seems Kickstarter really likes pizza, which we understand all too well. We don’t have any buses on hand, but if you guys DO all want to come pizza, we’ve got some room in our Corollas…?

Pizza aside, our 100th backer helped to ensure that we’ve unlocked our latest Stretch Goal, the Kickstarter Exclusive Adventure! You’ll receive instructions for how to “Choose your Own Adventure” in your Backer Survey after the project wraps on March 1st!

“I’m Ready for my Close-up…”

As you may have figured out, we have a… small gaming problem. When we’re not making (or playing) TTRPGs, we’re playing board games. One of our favorite things about board games these days are video tutorials; rather than having to read a manual full of rules, you can watch a short video explaining the basic rules and allowing you to dive into the game faster.

While the rules of Sagas of Midgard are very straightforward, the hardest part of any game is figuring out how to start the first time you bring it to the table. We want to fix that, so with your help, we’re going to produce a Quick-Start Tutorial Video as our next Stretch Goal! Working with professional videographers, we’re going to produce a high-quality (coughbetterthanourKickstartervideocough) video. Using one of our five included Demo characters as a template, we’ll walk new players through the ins and outs of making a character, navigating our (now Illuminated!) Character Sheet, and the flow of play. We want to do everything we can to lower the barrier of entry for both novice and experienced Tabletop RPG players so you can jump right into your first Adventure and begin telling your Sagas!

The Quick-Start Tutorial Video will be unlocked for ALL players at $8000!

Press Round-up!

Over the past two and a half weeks, we’ve been out talking up the system to anyone who will listen (and some who won’t!). Fortunately, we’ve also gotten a lot of talented games journalists reaching out to ask us about the system. We’ve included just a few of those excellent articles, as well as our AMA from yesterday (up to 122 upvotes) below for you to peruse/pass along to any friends!

Interview with Paleo Gaming

Encounter Roleplay: Adventure and Raid in Sagas of Midgard

Our Reddit AMA which got to the top of /r/rpg

Home Stretch!

We’ve got 11 days left in the campaign, and we’re looking to finish strong. We’re going to keep up getting the word out, and once we figure out how to work the tech, we’re going to close our campaign in style with all of you via Kickstarter Live. The times will get firmed up in the coming few days, but since the campaign closes at 7:26 PM EST on March 1st, we’re planning on going live at 7 PM on March 1st. 

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for any updates or changes to our Kickstarter Live schedule.

We couldn’t have done this without you, and we want to make sure you’re a part of the end of a wild, wonderful month.

As always, THANK YOU for all of your support!

-Nick and Dom