Hello backers (and the rest of the Internet!),

And here we thought we were going into the “lull” of the Kickstarter’s middle two weeks, but if we’ve learned anything from the past 11 days, it’s that there is no lull and the work never ends. Fortunately, when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. We’ve been having a great time answering questions, talking to all of you and hearing your stories, and listening to your feedback to help make sure we bring you the best RPG Corebook we possibly can. We’re happy to say the community continues to respond because today we achieved our fourth Stretch Goal, and Premium Color Printing has been unlocked for ALL Physical Corebooks!

Did Someone Say Exclusive?

We’ve been burning through our Stretch Goals like a hot knife through… enemies…? and we realized something astounding: although we love every one of our Backers, and we’ve added a bunch of stuff into the Book already, we hadn’t yet made anything just for you.Your generosity has already unlocked Ragnarok (which sounds bad when you put it like that) for everyone who buys the Corebook, but we wanted to give you something more. During our year of playtesting, our groups have created a lot of great stories together. Now, we want to share them with you in an exclusive, fully written and realized premade adventure, fully illustrated with art by Leah Porter and James Cornell!

The trouble, of course, is with all the great stories we’ve made together, it’s been difficult to choose just one. So, like good crowdfunders we’re going to make it your problem! When the campaign ends, you’ll all receive a backer survey. In that survey we’ll ask for information to send your rewards, but we’ll also ask you to include your choice for the exclusive Adventure from a list of five. Here are just a few of the Adventures, inspired by the Sagas and Eddas, that our playtesters have been through:

  • Stealing Hymir’s Cauldron from a tribe of cannibalistic berserkers and filling it with the Mead of Poetry
  • Raiding a well defended Cathedral of Albion seeking their most prized Artifact: a cup used by their God, said to grant eternal vigor and life (Wait… which Saga is that from?)
  • Recovering the Apples of Idunn to give Thor the vigor he needs to continue fighting the Frost Giants
  • Shipwrecking on an island in the middle of the sea where a mysterious hermit makes you consider, and prove, what it is that truly makes a Hero
  • Proving your mettle by killing a supposedly immortal Knight of Gallios
  • Saving the harvest by reuniting the heartbroken God Frey with his estranged love
  • Navigating the impassible Mists of Niflhel and outsmarting a Lord of Hel to find your way home

These represent just a few of the highlights of our year of playtesting and is certainly not an exhaustive list (though do email us if one in particular strikes your fancy and we’ll ensure it’s on the final list). The Backer Survey will include a synopsis of each potential Adventure and about how much combat, RP, and non-combat savvy your Heroes will need to overcome the challenges that you will choose for them.

This fully written and illustrated PDF Adventure will NEVER be released for public sale. It will be unlocked for ALL backers at $6500.

Being Social!

If you’re reading this, you’re already part of our favorite bit of social media. However, we’re also on Facebook and Twitter, and we’re happy to announce that we will be doing a Reddit AMA Saturday, February 17th starting at 2 PM Eastern Standard Time. Come by and, well, ask us anything: We’ll be discussing Sagas of Midgard, crowdfunding, RPGs, good scotch… whatever you want! Hope to see you there!

Approaching Half-time

As we head into the latter half of our first Kickstarter campaign, you guys haven’t let up promoting and discussing the game and we’re not going to, either. We’ve learned a lot from this campaign already, and we’re going to keep pushing, hustling, writing, and listening to feedback.

Turns out this little dream of ours has some wings; together, we’re going to make it fly.

As always, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

We’ll be in touch!
-Nick and Dom