A guest must depart again on his way,
nor stay in the same place ever;
if he bide too long on another’s bench
the loved one soon becomes loathed.
–Havamal, v. 35

Man, you guys had us worried for a moment. It took us almost three days to unlock Brave New Worlds, our latest Stretch Goal, but we’ve made it and now all versions of the Corebook will include the Brave New Worlds expansion for Sagas of Midgard!

As always, we are so thankful and humbled by the continued support of our backers. We’ve been working like crazy behind the scenes; both writing and talking to our art team about covers, graphic design, and additional art assets, and we can’t wait to show you what they come up with as the game goes into production!

Around the World in (Hopefully far less than) 80 Days

If we could go and do it over again, we’d have had this fixed from the beginning, but since we naively thought “Who’s going to want to play this from outside the US, anyways?” we didn’t think to sort out anything besides US Shipping. Now that we’ve got backers in 7 countries and have received multiple requests for it, we’ve gotten off our collective butts and are proud to say that we can now offer International Shipping to our friends in the EU/Canada! We’ve added the option in the $45 Physical Corebook pledge level; unfortunately, art prints and rune decks are still not practical for us to ship, but after we go to retail we’re going to investigate what we can do about that.

We added the countries for which we already have backers to the Physical Corebook pledge level, but the EU is basically the same cost to ship anywhere, so if you’re from the EU pick any of the European options. If you’re from somewhere else (looking at you, Korean and Taiwanese backers!) and you really want a Physical Corebook, contact us privately and we’ll see what we can do for you.

The Stretchiest Stretch Goal Yet… Premium Color Books!

We admit, there was a slightly ulterior motive to ensuring that anyone who wanted a Physical Corebook could get one… because now, we want to make them better. We’re going to be using DriveThruRPG for our printing, and at our initial funding goal, the plan was to use “Standard Heavyweight Color” printing. We simply couldn’t afford to use Premium Heavyweight Color.

In the last week, you’ve taught us to dream bigger.

Standard vs Premium Color
Standard vs Premium Color

One of our favorite parts of developing Sagas of Midgard has been leveraging the skills of all the amazing Atlanta artists that we know. We want their art to look as good as it possibly can, so even though it increases our printing costs significantly, it will give our backers the best possible product, which is, at the end of the day, our only goal.

Premium Color Corebooks will be unlocked for ALL Physical Corebook backers once we reach $5500!

The End of Week One

As we type this, we’re about 20 minutes away from one week exactly since we launched the Sagas of Midgard Kickstarter. We feel like a broken record saying it again, but the outpouring of love and support from around the world has been amazing. As we head into the “slow middle” of our Kickstarter campaign, we want to continue to encourage any current (and potential) backers to contact us with any questions. As far as we’re aware, we’ve answered every question that’s been asked of us, and getting to discuss the thing that we’re all making together has been our favorite part of this campaign.

Here’s to a great first week and to all of you for helping to make this dream of ours a reality!

Cheers and Good Health,
Nick and Dom