Illumination Achieved

Henry: Elsa never really believed in the Grail. She thought she’d found a prize.Indy: What did you find, Dad?
Henry: Me?… Illumination.
-Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

It seems that our backers like a challenge. I thought we’d have another few days to hit our second Stretch Goal before we’d come back with another update. I’m so, so happy to be wrong and happy to report that the Hand-Drawn, Fully Fillable Illuminated Manuscript Character Sheet has been unlocked for all backers! At release, the Character Sheet will be available both in the Corebook and online at our website,

Stretch Goal #3: Brave New Worlds

O, wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in’t!
-William Shakespeare, The Tempest

One of the things we’re proudest of in Sagas of Midgard is the way in which we facilitate stories: the way we see it, it’s not necessarily our place to tell your group a story, but rather to create a dynamic, exciting framework for your group to tell their story together. At current we have 14 pages and 6,700 words describing the Drengrlands (where your Warbands will reside) and our interpretation of Viking Culture. We’ve included some additional information about other lands and Kingdoms to pillage, but we’ve decided we want to take that a step further with our next Stretch Goal, The Skald Morotar’s Knowledge of the World Beyond the Drengrlands or, more simply: Brave New Worlds!

The Gallian Empire is a unique place. Where we wear our wealth literally on our sleeves, they wear it on their buildings; their cities are full of resplendent castles and cathedrals to their God. Although they fight with discipline, none can match the ferocity of the Drengr– meaning their wealth is our wealth, if a Warband be audacious enough to go and take it.
–The Skald Morotar

The Drengrlands are a host unto themselves. Cold, unyielding, and harsh, it sometimes seems the Gods have placed you there as a test. The Skalds sing of new lands to the South; with warm climates and fertile fields, and large caches of unprotected wealth. Your people have never been content to stay in their Settlement, and the Continent to the south seems to offer unlimited potential to trade, to settle– and to raid.

When Unlocked, the Brave New Worlds expansion will include:

  • At least 5 new Kingdoms to explore on the Continent and beyond (including mythologized corollaries of England, France, the Byzantine Empire,and more), each with their own governance, temperament, and unique riches and treasures
  • Dozens of plot hooks and prominent people within each Kingdom, offering your Game Masters hundreds of adventure ideas
  • Unique Settlement Upgrades exclusive to each Kingdom; What’s the point of a mechanic whereby you can take over a Settlement if you can’t stay there?
  • New foes to face, drawn from the military history of Continental Europe (for its soldiers) and from its various Myths (for its monsters)
  • A SECOND high resolution hand-drawn, Medieval-style map of the Continent to supplement the hand-drawn, medieval-style map of the Drengrlands drawn by our very own Leah Porter available on our website and included in the Corebook

The Brave New Worlds expansion will be unlocked for ALL versions of the Corebook at a Pledge Level of $4500!

What a week!

As the first week draws to a close, we’re taking a deep breath and looking back at a great, crazy opening week and forward to three more. We’ve gotten backers from 6 different countries (and promise we’re zeroing in on International Shipping!) and 25% of our backers have never backed a Kickstarter before. We couldn’t be doing this without you, so although you may be getting sick of hearing it from us, THANK YOU for allowing us to share what we’ve made with you!

Please keep sending in questions and feedback; talking to the community at large has been one of the most enjoyable parts of the campaign thus far!

Till next time, may Alfather watch over you!

-Nick and Dom