(Hey, there are worse names to rip off than a Ghostbusters cartoon episode title, right? ….Right?)

Hello to our ever-growing number of backers! Let’s start with the good news: we absolutely TORE through our first stretch goal, so no matter how your Saga begins, you’ll have a great way to end it with Adventure 4: Twilight of The Gods, unlocked in all levels of the Corebook!

Now for the bad news… there’s none. There’s no bad news.

Back to the good news: Since our last update, we’ve slept (a little) and have spent the weekend either demoing the game out, drinking mead and yelling loudly about the game to anyone who would listen (As the proverb goes: in Mead, there is volume), and working overtime to turn our Stretch Goal ideas into a reality (a great, great problem to have).

Game Demos!

After staying up until about 1 AM Saturday morning working on the game and this Kickstarter campaign, we slept a few minutes and went out to Manuel’s Tavern in Atlanta for the February Intown Atlanta Role Playing Game Day. We had a great time running our introductory Adventure, Rites of Passage (included in the Corebook). There was only one character death, which is surprisingly good given how some of the rolls broke!

"I'm actually a very cool-headed guy... when I'm not raging and bloodthirsty"
“I’m actually a very cool-headed guy… when I’m not raging and bloodthirsty”
"The arrow pierces my leg, and I look at it and scream like Ace Ventura"
“The arrow pierces my leg, and I look at it and scream like Ace Ventura”
We don't know what Nick was saying at this stage in the combat, but no one seems too pleased about it.
We don’t know what Nick was saying at this stage in the combat, but no one seems too pleased about it.
"I think this time I'll switch it up and spear him *before* I Head-Butt him."
“I think this time I’ll switch it up and spear him *before* I Head-Butt him.”

Thanks to everyone who played and talked to us about the system over at Manuel’s! Between continuing to expand and refine the game and it being our Kickstarter launch weekend, it was a great reminder of our favorite part of this whole project: getting to share what we’ve made with all of you.


Plundered with proper Viking ferocity!
Plundered with proper Viking ferocity!

We certainly underestimated how badly you guys wanted the apocalypse, and funded our first stretch goal almost immediately! But since we’ve just gotten started here, why don’t we take a look at sprucing up our already fully-fillable PDF character sheet with our next stretch goal, the Hand-Drawn, Fully Fillable Illuminated Manuscript Character Sheet?

Illuminated What-now?

From Leah Porter, our Art Director: Despite the heavy footprint (axe print?) the Vikings may have left upon the world around them, they did little to record all that on their own. They were not a particularly bookish bunch and so history and mythology was passed along almost exclusively through storytelling tradition and inscribed rune-stones. Much of the written history of the Vikings we have now is through the efforts of Christian scholars during the Middle Ages, from which we have Illuminated Manuscripts.

An illuminated manuscript is a text enhanced through miniature illustrations, borders, and decorative script. The majority of surviving illuminated manuscripts are from the middle ages and of a religious nature; they were an art form that these Christian scholars recording Viking history and mythology were likely to have practiced. Why not offer Sagas of Midgard players the chance to record their characters in similar style?


Our plan is to take this style and add a Norse “flair” to it so that it remains a workable, fully fillable character sheet PDF that’s in-line with the other Norse-inspired art in the book.

The Illuminated Manuscript Fully Fillable Character Sheet will be unlocked for ALL backers on our website and included in the Corebook once we reach $3800!

International Shipping

We’ve added this to the FAQ, but so that it gets more visiblity:

We’re gonna level with you here: we looked into it, but our cursory research showed that if you’re not Jeff Bezos, shipping can get expensive (especially international shipping).

With the amazing response we’ve received to the project, we’ve also gotten several requests from backers in the EU and Canada wanting to get their hands on a physical copy. We’re going to be doing our due diligence over the next few days to find the best, least expensive option to ship internationally and we hope to open it up as a pledge option in the next few days. Stay tuned!

The End of the Beginning

As we mentioned in the last update, the initial response to Sagas of Midgard has been an absolute dream come true, but we’re not done. This project has taken flight through its first weekend due to great word-of-mouth from all of you. If you know of anyone else that might enjoy the game, please pass it along to them, with a reminder of our pledge that every dollar invested in Sagas of Midgard will go back into Sagas of Midgard to ensure you get the best possible product we can provide!

As the first weekend draws to a close, we want to thank all of you one more time. Your support means so much to us.

-Nick and Dom