Wow. Just Wow.

Let us just open by saying: we are absolutely blown away.

We had hoped we’d get funded (obviously), but not within 90 minutes. The response online is certainly more than we had expected as first-time Kickstarter Creators, and the enthusiasm and trust you’ve placed in us means more than you’ll know.

To reiterate one more time: You guys are absolutely amazing.

That said, just because we’re funded doesn’t mean we’re done. This party is just getting started! We’ve got a ton of great Stretch Goals lined up, starting with a brand new, fully realized Adventure!

Adventure 4: Twilight of the Gods

The Fenris-wolf advances with wide open mouth; the upper jaw reaches to heaven and the lower jaw is on the earth. He would open it still wider had he room. Fire flashes from his eyes and nostrils. The Midgard-serpent vomits forth venom, defiling all the air and the sea; he is very terrible, and places himself by the side of the wolf. In the midst of this clash and din the heavens are rent in twain, and the sons of Muspel come riding through the opening.
-The Prose Edda

In your time, you were a fearsome and beloved Hero; you honored the Gods and fought well for them before finally succumbing to your destiny. Due to your valor and service to the Gods, you were delivered to Odin’s Hall. Now, as one of the Einherjar in Valhalla, you know it is your final sacred duty to defend Asgard when the end comes.

And, indeed, it seems the end has come. Loki and his sons have broken their chains, and the sky falls to black. The fire-giants of Muspelheim march upon Asgard. It falls to you, your fellow Einherjar, and the Gods to defend Valhalla on the field of Vigrid.

As Midgard falls into destruction, you stand on the field of battle before impossible odds, but you are not afraid. You spent your entire life succeeding in the face of impossible odds. If it truly is the end, you will go to rest once more in the service of the Gods, and if any remain after the battle, you will fight with such ferocity that they will remember you.

“Twilight of the Gods”, featuring full, scripted scenes and unforgettable encounters, will be unlocked and included in all versions of the Corebook at $3000.

So one day out, what else are we working on?

Additional Art: We’ve mobilized our creative team (admittedly, a little ahead of schedule). Your generosity has already opened up a ton of leeway for additional art that we had originally planned on making our first stretch goals (before we exploded through our initial goals, THANK YOU again). We’ll be commenting further on that in a few days once we hear back from them.

International Shipping: We hadn’t initially planned to include it because honestly, we felt bad charging you what sending a hardcover book can cost to send around the world. We’ve received several requests since launch last night for the ability to ship the Physical Corebook internationally, so we’re going to make it happen (even if we have to subsidize some of the cost). Stay tuned for that.

FAQs about the game itself: We’ve gotten a lot of great questions from the online community since launching last night, and we’ve been trying our best to answer every one. A lot of the questions were very specific about the game and its mechanics since we intentionally kept a broader overview in the Kickstarter presentation.
There are a lot of great articles up already at , but over the coming days we’re going to cull some of the best questions we’ve received and put them into the FAQ for anyone who wants to sink their teeth into the nitty-gritty of the system.

So many more Stretch Goals: We’ve got them lined up, but what’s the fun in telling you now?

In Conclusion…

We’ll close here by saying thank you one more time, and promising once again that this is only the beginning. We had never hoped to make any money off of this project, and we still don’t. Every dollar that our backers put into Sagas of Midgard will go back into the game, to help deliver the most beautiful, unique, and entertaining RPG Corebook that we possibly can.

We’ve spent the last eighteen months building this. You’re part of the team now, and we’re going to keep building it– together.

We’ll be in touch!

-Nick and Dom