Hey there, Internet!

After how vocal we were during the campaign, it’s plausible that the radio silence over the last month meant that perhaps we had been struck by lightning or, perhaps, fallen down a deep, deep well. I am happy to report that neither of those things have happened, and we have, in fact, just been hard at work ensuring that we deliver you the best Corebook we possibly can.

State of the Art

We had said that every dollar you gave us toward the Corebook would go back toward the Corebook, and we meant it. Since the Kickstarter campaign ended, we’ve contracted with several artists to create over 40 more original pieces of art for Sagas of Midgard, and we’re not done yet. We’re still hammering out some details on some of the specifics and want to keep a few surprises for the book so we can’t share too much yet, but in the meantime, our Art Director Leah Porter has a new God to share with all of you: presenting “Thor, Odin’s Son”!

Thor Odin's son Protector of mankind Rise to meet your fate Your destiny awaits Thor Hlôdyn's son Protector of mankind Rise to meet your fate Ragnarök awaits
Thor Odin’s son Protector of mankind Rise to meet your fate Your destiny awaits Thor Hlôdyn’s son Protector of mankind Rise to meet your fate Ragnarök awaits

Additionally, we sent out a “Work in Progress” of our front cover art out a few weeks ago, and our artist James Cornell (who you should ALL follow on Twitter!) has been posting his progress every few days. We’re still not quite there, but our front cover only looks better and better:

Very Good Nonsense

“It takes a heap of sense to write good nonsense”
-Mark Twain

Beyond contracting art, and graphic designers, and all the other business-y stuff that comes with publishing one’s first book and setting up a new business, we’ve been writing like crazy. Here’s a screencap of the word count from our book when the Kickstarter started:

Not bad, I guess. Here we are now:

Dayuuuuuuuuuuuuuum. And we’re not done yet.

The way we’re headed, by the time we finish writing the Stretch Goals (hopefully within the next week or two!) we should easily be over 110,000 words.

It’s not quite done yet, but so far the Ragnarok Adventure “Twilight of the Gods” is, to torture the Mark Twain quote above, some Very, VERY good nonsense. We can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on it!

Back to Work…

We’re going to try to limit these backer updates to when we have something significant or meaningful to share so it doesn’t feel like spam, but we’ve been making progress on the Corebook literally every day since the campaign ended. By next update, we should have enough Backer Surveys back to tell you what your Kickstarter Exclusive adventure will be. If you haven’t filled your Backer Survey out yet, get on it!

As always, your support means so much to us, and we’ll never get tired of thanking you for it!

Till next time,

-The Sagas Team