Hello Backers!

In our last update, we asked you to pass us on to even one person who might be interested in our campaign, and you did a great job because we’ve unlocked the Professionally Made Quickstart Tutorial Video! You will have the pleasure of seeing our beautiful faces on video once more, only this time we’ll have an actual editor as we walk you through everything you need to dive into Sagas of Midgard.

The Very Final Stretchiest Stretch Goal

We are now less than three days away from the end of our Kickstarter campaign. This gives us, reasonably, time to fund one more Stretch Goal, so we’re pulling out all the stops for this one and giving you something that everyone loves: MORE FREE STUFF!

You’ve already unlocked the Kickstarter Exclusive Adventure that will be coming not long after the Corebook, but let’s not stop there. How about we give you, our Backers, EVERY Sagas of Midgard Adventure we publish in PDF form for a year after the Corebook comes out?

These Adventures will be for sale on DriveThruRPG (among other places) upon their release but as our way of saying thank you, we want you to have them as part of your initial pledge. We intend to continue supporting Sagas of Midgard as long as people want to play it, and since you’ve helped us begin what we hope is a long, productive Saga as game designers, we want to help you begin (and continue!) your Sagas within Midgard for a long time to come as well.

Like the Premium Printing, this is a big hit to our margins. Like the Premium Printing, we still don’t care, because our only priority is to make this into the best system and setting we possibly can.

Free PDFs for a year will be unlocked for all backers at the Digital Corebook ($25) Level and up when we reach $10000!

This is our biggest Stretch Goal and the last one before the campaign ends. We can do it!

New Art: Loki the Deceiver

Each of the five Norse Gods that grant skills in Sagas of Midgard (Thor, Tyr, Odin, Freyja, and Loki) will be represented in the Corebook by their own watercolor painting. You’ve already seen Odin (at the top of the campaign) and Freyja, so next we wanted to give our favorite Trickster God his due.

Leah chose the color scheme for this painting by taking Loki’s heritage as part Jotunn while conveying the idea of “rising heat” with the chosen colors. As he is a Trickster God, she also wanted his face to have a mask-like quality. We love it and we think you will too:

"Loki the Deceiver". Leah Porter, Watercolor with Digital Effects
“Loki the Deceiver”. Leah Porter, Watercolor with Digital Effects

That’s all for now, though with the campaign’s end upon us, we’re going to be watching everything (even more) closely and we’ll be in close touch.

Keep up the great questions and enthusiasm and remember to come hang out with us for our Kickstarter Live Thursday, March 1st at 6:45 PM EST to celebrate the campaign ending. If you’re a Type A personality who needs that written down somewhere, we’ve created a Facebook event JUST FOR YOU:

We started strong together, let’s end strong together.

Thank you, as always, for your support.

-Nick and Dom