189 backers pledged $11,633 to help bring this project to life!

Sagas of Midgard launched on Kickstarter February 1st, 2018 and we got funded in 90 minutes! Daaaaaang!

We were (and still are) overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and generosity to the Sagas of Midgard project. In the submenu you’ll find all of the updates we put out during the campaign. For production updates (everything we send to our backers after the end of the project), check out the “Production Blog” portion of the page.

  • Stretch Goal 1: Adventure 4: Twilight of the Gods (Looted on February 3rd!)
  • Stretch Goal 2: Hand Drawn, Fully Fillable Illuminated Manuscript Character Sheets (Looted on February 4th)!
  • Stretch Goal 3: Brave New Worlds (Looted February 8th!)
  • Stretch Goal 4: Premium Color Corebook Upgrade (Looted February 12th!)
  • Stretch Goal 5: KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE, fully written and illustrated Adventure to be released in PDF form after the Corebook ships (Looted February 18th!)
  • Stretch Goal 6: Professionally Produced Quick-Start Tutorial Video (Unlocked at $8000)
  • FINAL Stretch Goal: Every Adventure we publish for a year FREE as a High-Quality PDF for our backers (Looted February 28th!)

Stretch Goal 1: Twilight of the Gods

The Fenris-wolf advances with wide open mouth; the upper jaw reaches to heaven and the lower jaw is on the earth. He would open it still wider had he room. Fire flashes from his eyes and nostrils. The Midgard-serpent vomits forth venom, defiling all the air and the sea; he is very terrible, and places himself by the side of the wolf. In the midst of this clash and din the heavens are rent in twain, and the sons of Muspel come riding through the opening.
-The Prose Edda

In your time, you were a fearsome and beloved Hero; you honored the Gods and fought well for them before finally succumbing to your destiny. Due to your valor and service to the Gods, you were delivered to Odin’s Hall. Now, as one of the Einherjar in Valhalla, you know it is your final sacred duty to defend Asgard when the end comes.

And, indeed, it seems the end has come. Loki and his sons have broken their chains, and the sky falls to black. The fire-giants of Muspelheim march upon Asgard. It falls to you, your fellow Einherjar, and the Gods to defend Valhalla on the field of Vigrid.

As Midgard falls into destruction, you stand on the field of battle before impossible odds, but you are not afraid. You spent your entire life succeeding in the face of impossible odds. If it truly is the end, you will go to rest once more in the service of the Gods, and if any remain after the battle, you will fight with such ferocity that they will remember you. “Twilight of the Gods”, featuring full, scripted scenes and unforgettable encounters, was unlocked on February 4th!

Stretch Goal Two: Hand Drawn, Fully Fillable Illuminated Manuscript Character Sheets (Looted on February 5th)!

We certainly underestimated how badly you guys wanted the apocalypse, and funded our first stretch goal almost immediately! But since we’ve just gotten started here, why don’t we take a look at sprucing up our already fully-fillable PDF character sheet with our next stretch goal, the Hand-Drawn, Fully Fillable Illuminated Manuscript Character Sheet? Illuminated What-now?

From Leah Porter, our Art Director: Despite the heavy footprint (axe print?) the Vikings may have left upon the world around them, they did little to record all that on their own. They were not a particularly bookish bunch and so history and mythology was passed along almost exclusively through storytelling tradition and inscribed rune-stones. Much of the written history of the Vikings we have now is through the efforts of Christian scholars during the Middle Ages, from which we have Illuminated Manuscripts.

An illuminated manuscript is a text enhanced through miniature illustrations, borders, and decorative script. The majority of surviving illuminated manuscripts are from the middle ages and of a religious nature; they were an art form that these Christian scholars recording Viking history and mythology were likely to have practiced. Why not offer Sagas of Midgard players the chance to record their characters in similar style?


Our plan is to take this style and add a Norse “flair” to it so that it remains a workable, fully fillable character sheet PDF that’s in-line with the other Norse-inspired art in the book.

The Illuminated Manuscript Fully Fillable Character Sheet will be unlocked for ALL backers on our website and included in the Corebook!

 Stretch Goal #3: Brave New Worlds (Unlocked February 8th!)

O, wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in’t!
-William Shakespeare, The Tempest

One of the things we’re proudest of in Sagas of Midgard is the way in which we facilitate stories: the way we see it, it’s not necessarily our place to tell your group a story, but rather to create a dynamic, exciting framework for your group to tell their story together. At current we have 14 pages and 6,700 words describing the Drengrlands (where your Warbands will reside) and our interpretation of Viking Culture. We’ve included some additional information about other lands and Kingdoms to pillage, but we’ve decided we want to take that a step further with our next Stretch Goal, The Skald Morotar’s Knowledge of the World Beyond the Drengrlands or, more simply: Brave New Worlds!

The Gallian Empire is a unique place. Where we wear our wealth literally on our sleeves, they wear it on their buildings; their cities are full of resplendent castles and cathedrals to their God. Although they fight with discipline, none can match the ferocity of the Drengr– meaning their wealth is our wealth, if a Warband be audacious enough to go and take it.
–The Skald Morotar

The Drengrlands are a host unto themselves. Cold, unyielding, and harsh, it sometimes seems the Gods have placed you there as a test. The Skalds sing of new lands to the South; with warm climates and fertile fields, and large caches of unprotected wealth. Your people have never been content to stay in their Settlement, and the Continent to the south seems to offer unlimited potential to trade, to settle– and to raid.

When Unlocked, the Brave New Worlds expansion will include:

  • At least 5 new Kingdoms to explore on the Continent and beyond (including mythologized corollaries of England, France, the Byzantine Empire,and more), each with their own governance, temperament, and unique riches and treasures
  • Dozens of plot hooks and prominent people within each Kingdom, offering your Game Masters hundreds of adventure ideas
  • Unique Settlement Upgrades exclusive to each Kingdom; What’s the point of a mechanic whereby you can take over a Settlement if you can’t stay there?
  •  New foes to face, drawn from the military history of Continental Europe (for its soldiers) and from its various Myths (for its monsters)
  • A SECOND high resolution hand-drawn, Medieval-style map of the Continent to supplement the hand-drawn, medieval-style map of the Drengrlands drawn by our very own Leah Porter available on our website and included in the Corebook

Stretch Goal Four: Premium Color Corebook Upgrade

The Stretchiest Stretch Goal Yet… Premium Color Books!

We admit, there was a slightly ulterior motive to ensuring that anyone who wanted a Physical Corebook could get one via International Shipping… because now, we want to make them better. We’re going to be using DriveThruRPG for our printing, and at our initial funding goal, the plan was to use “Standard Heavyweight Color” printing. We simply couldn’t afford to use Premium Heavyweight Color.

In the last week, you’ve taught us to dream bigger.

One of our favorite parts of developing Sagas of Midgard has been leveraging the skills of all the amazing Atlanta artists that we know. We want their art to look as good as it possibly can, so even though it increases our printing costs significantly, it will give our backers the best possible product, which is, at the end of the day, our only goal.

Premium Color Corebooks will be unlocked for ALL Physical Corebook backers once we reach $5500!

Stretch Goal Five: Kickstarter Exclusive fully written and illustrated Adventure!

We’ve been burning through our Stretch Goals like a hot knife through… enemies…? and we realized something astounding: although we love every one of our Backers, and we’ve added a bunch of stuff into the Book already, we hadn’t yet made anything just for you.Your generosity has already unlocked Ragnarok (which sounds bad when you put it like that) for everyone who buys the Corebook, but we wanted to give you something more. During our year of playtesting, our groups have created a lot of great stories together. Now, we want to share them with you in an exclusive, fully written and realized premade adventure, fully illustrated with art by Leah Porter and James Cornell!

The trouble, of course, is with all the great stories we’ve made together, it’s been difficult to choose just one. So, like good crowdfunders we’re going to make it your problem! When the campaign ends, you’ll all receive a backer survey. In that survey we’ll ask for information to send your rewards, but we’ll also ask you to include your choice for the exclusive Adventure from a list of five. Here are just a few of the Adventures, inspired by the Sagas and Eddas, that our playtesters have been through:

  • Stealing Hymir’s Cauldron from a tribe of cannibalistic berserkers and filling it with the Mead of Poetry
  • Raiding a well defended Cathedral of Albion seeking their most prized Artifact: a cup used by their God, said to grant eternal vigor and life (Wait… which Saga is that from?)
  • Recovering the Apples of Idunn to give Thor the vigor he needs to continue fighting the Frost Giants
  • Shipwrecking on an island in the middle of the sea where a mysterious hermit makes you consider, and prove, what it is that truly makes a Hero
  • Proving your mettle by killing a supposedly immortal Knight of Gallios
  • Saving the harvest by reuniting the heartbroken God Frey with his estranged love
  • Navigating the impassible Mists of Niflhel and outsmarting a Lord of Hel to find your way home

These represent just a few of the highlights of our year of playtesting and is certainly not an exhaustive list (though do email us if one in particular strikes your fancy and we’ll ensure it’s on the final list). The Backer Survey will include a synopsis of each potential Adventure and about how much combat, RP, and non-combat savvy your Heroes will need to overcome the challenges that you will choose for them.

This fully written and illustrated PDF Adventure will NEVER be released for public sale.

Stretch Goal Six: Professionally Produced Quick-Start Tutorial Video!

As you may have figured out, we have a… small gaming problem. When we’re not making (or playing) TTRPGs, we’re playing board games. One of our favorite things about board games these days are video tutorials; rather than having to read a manual full of rules, you can watch a short video explaining the basic rules and allowing you to dive into the game faster.

While the rules of Sagas of Midgard are very straightforward, the hardest part of any game is figuring out how to start the first time you bring it to the table. We want to fix that, so with your help, we’re going to produce a Quick-Start Tutorial Video as our next Stretch Goal! Working with professional videographers, we’re going to produce a high-quality (coughbetterthanourKickstartervideocough) video. Using one of our five included Demo characters as a template, we’ll walk new players through the ins and outs of making a character, navigating our (now Illuminated!) Character Sheet, and the flow of play. We want to do everything we can to lower the barrier of entry for both novice and experienced Tabletop RPG players so you can jump right into your first Adventure and begin telling your Sagas!

FINAL Stretch Goal: Every Adventure we publish for a year FREE as a High-Quality PDF for our backers

We are now less than three days away from the end of our Kickstarter campaign. This gives us, reasonably, time to fund one more Stretch Goal, so we’re pulling out all the stops for this one and giving you something that everyone loves: MORE FREE STUFF!

You’ve already unlocked the Kickstarter Exclusive Adventure that will be coming not long after the Corebook, but let’s not stop there. How about we give you, our Backers, EVERY Sagas of Midgard Adventure we publish in PDF form for a year after the Corebook comes out?

These Adventures will be for sale on DriveThruRPG (among other places) upon their release but as our way of saying thank you, we want you to have them as part of your initial pledge. We intend to continue supporting Sagas of Midgard as long as people want to play it, and since you’ve helped us begin what we hope is a long, productive Saga as game designers, we want to help you begin (and continue!) your Sagas within Midgard for a long time to come as well.

Like the Premium Printing, this is a big hit to our margins. Like the Premium Printing, we still don’t care, because our only priority is to make this into the best system and setting we possibly can.