Sagas of Midgard has teamed up with Leah Porter, a classically trained painter, to create acrylic and watercolor paintings for our corebook, as well as James Cornell, an Emmy-award winning animator and digital artist for our logo and cover. We’ve also commissioned and/or licensed works from Robson MichelRoger Dorico and several other artists we’ll be featuring in the coming months!

Many Norse-themed games (and medieval themed games, for that matter) feature a rather drab color scheme– greys and browns. For Sagas of Midgard, Leah wanted to express both the vibrancy of the Northern Lights as well as the Norse Cosmology; while much of Midgard may be gray and drab, the other worlds are not. The results (seen below) help to accentuate the rules by creating a bright, vibrant, exciting world within the pages of the Corebook.