Hello Backers (There are a lot more of you now!),

When the Kickstarter began, $1200 felt ambitious. We were an unknown quantity on Kickstarter and in the online TTRPG community. We set our goals low, hoping we could raise enough to bring the book out and build an audience. We had Stretch Goals lined up, but we weren’t sure we’d need them. What can I say? We’re sort of pessimistic like that; if you don’t set your expectations high, you can’t be disappointed, right?

If you’ll forgive the language: The hell with all that.

As of thirty minutes ago, ALL OF OUR STRETCH GOALS ARE UNLOCKED! Let’s run the list one last time:

  • Stretch Goal 1: Adventure 4: Twilight of the Gods
  • Stretch Goal 2: Hand Drawn, Fully Fillable Illuminated Manuscript Character Sheets
  • Stretch Goal 3: Brave New Worlds
  • Stretch Goal 4: Premium Color Corebook Upgrade
  • Stretch Goal 5: KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE, fully written and illustrated Adventure to be released in PDF form after the Corebook ships
  • Stretch Goal 6: Professionally Produced Quick-Start Tutorial Video
  • FINAL Stretch Goal: Every Adventure we publish for a year FREE as a High-Quality PDF for our backers

We made you believe in the Sagas of Midgard system that we’ve developed over thousands of combined hours of work, and you made us believe that this dream of ours, an idea born of a semi-drunken boast over pizza, is going to be a real, high-quality book that we’ll be proud to put our names on and that you’ll be proud to own.

Throughout the last month, our favorite part of bringing Sagas of Midgard out into the world has been getting to talk to, and game with, the TTRPG community at large. We’ve told our story, and we’ve heard a lot of your stories as well. We’ve saved our favorite story for last.

Why We Do What We Do

Nick here. Specifically Nick this time. I write most of the copy for the updates and I’m the one bugging you on social media. I’m separating us here specifically because I want to brag on Dom for a moment, and share the single most gratifying part of developing this game with you.

It may come as a shock to you, but this is not our full-time career. By day, I’m a critical care nurse. Dom is a special education teacher. He made an off-hand comment one day in his class about how he was making a game. His students asked what kind of game he was making, and he explained it to them.

Cut ahead a few months, to the students’ leisure and free time period.

Dom is running his first game for them. He had this to say about it:

“They’re doing amazing. We have awesome role-players and all the kids are super into it. In class they recently learned what happens to an ecosystem when an unexpected predator moves into a new environment. In game they’re investigating why goblins have moved into an area and started taking livestock, so I’m using the game to reinforce what they’re learning in class.

The kids have had great lessons on social interaction. They’ve had to convince leaders to see their point, so they practiced persuasion, which includes being able to retell events in order. They’ve had to problem solve and plan. They do all of the math for the system themselves… When setting off into the woods to find the goblin chief they thought of the things they would need to go camping and prepared a list. I know this stuff might not sound like much but it’s really, really good for them.”

We’ve met a lot of great members of the community, both in-person and online this month. All of you have great stories to tell, and we want to help you tell them. Knowing that what we’ve made is being used to entertain and educate a historically marginalized, underserved and sometimes forgotten population?

That’s why we do what we do.

(As a post-script: We’ve talked to our friends over at Tabletop Loot, who offer discounts to educators and school groups. All of Dom’s kids, unbeknownst to them (Breaking News!) will be receiving their own dice so they can keep telling their stories. Thanks again to Tabletop Loot!)

Closing Out in Style

We have less than 24 hours left before we burrow deep into a hole in the ground and format the book and put the finishing touches on our Stretch Goals. We’ll be in touch as the production process unfolds.

Before all that, come celebrate with us on stream!


We’ll be answering questions, talking with our artists and playtesters, and (hopefully) interacting with all of you!

Bring your questions for us and anything else you want to talk about and we’ll see you tomorrow at 6:45 PM EST.

Thank you again for everything and see you tomorrow!