The Fallen King
“The Fallen King”. Leah Porter, Watercolor with digital effects

To the oars! Our Kickstarter will begin February 1st, 2018! Sail with us and get a share of the Loot!

Sagas of Midgard is a story-driven tabletop RPG that has been developed with cinematic action sequences and the ability to easily tell memorable stories at its core. From the onset, your character is performing heroic deeds that would make Odin proud and trying to earn their place in the sagas.

We will be “deep-diving” into the mechanics that make Sagas of Midgard unique as the Kickstarter progresses, so check our Kickstarter page (and the front page of this website) for further details as it progresses. What’s listed below is only scratching the surface of our 76,000+ word corebook.

Sagas of Midgard features:

  • Simple base 10 system is easy to understand and calculate at the table. Sagas of Midgard utilizes the “Rollover system” in which every task has a difficulty from 1-100. Using percentile dice and your character’s modifier, if you roll over the rollover– you’re successful. It’s just that easy, because Sagas of Midgard has…
  • A strong emphasis on story telling. The innovative Saga system ensures that your fellow players remember your brave deeds and lift horns of mead in your name. Game Masters tell players the rollover for a task but don’t roll themselves, allowing them to focus on running on the game and allowing players to focus on overcoming challenges– or dying in the attempt.
  • Deadly Combat. Combat is intended to be deadly in the world of Midgard; player characters and their foes are both built to be “glass cannons” which keeps combat exciting, even well into a Saga. A well placed critical hit (or critical failure) can be the difference between life and death. Every character begins the game with an ability called With Joy I Cease, allowing them to kill whatever foe they are facing– at the cost of their own life.
  • Quick character creation with a diverse progression system. Fortunately, with the understanding that your character could die at any time comes the knowledge that if (*cough*when*cough) they do, character creation is a breeze. Sagas of Midgard uses a skill point based system. To make a character, you choose from a list of surnames and titles (which give you extra unique abilities), then purchase skills from the domains of five different Gods.
  • No one sails alone. Sagas of Midgard’s unique Raiding System was our answer both to “trash mob” fights and the issue wherein character travel across long distances in other systems could be, in a word: boring. Utilizing player abilities and strengths, the raid will play out in a sort of “cutscene” that will ultimately culminate in an assault on whatever you are raiding. The results of your raid (and its assault) will reward you with Hacksilver; currency you can use to gain Favor with the Gods and upgrade your own settlement.
  • A Place to Call Home: Every group of characters in Sagas of Midgard will sail from a settlement. Depending on how you upgrade your settlement (using the loot you’ve accumulated from raiding and adventuring) can improve your character (in the way of passive HP buffs, to hit buffs, etc) and your warband (allowing you to better do what Vikings do best: pillage!)
  • Powerful and Mystical Magic Items that drive storyline and can change fortunes and save (or take) lives. Sagas of Midgard features two types of “magic items”: Runes and Artifacts. Runes (based upon the Elder Futhark) are found throughout the world and are single-use consumables with a powerful effect tied to each.  With proper skill point buy-in, a warrior can combine up to three of these to devastating effect. Artifacts are permanent, and attuned to the character who wields it; however, our unique attunement system ensures that the artifacts you wield don’t just impact your world; for better or worse (sometimes both), they will also permanently impact your character.

As we said above, this list only scratches the surface of what Sagas of Midgard has to offer your gaming group. Stay tuned to our Kickstarter page (and this website) for further updates, and feel free to contact us with any questions!