1Drinking Horn Games is a family affair: Nick Porter, Dominic De Duonni (who has been trying, as a fully independent grown man in his 30s, to get adopted by Nick’s parents), and Leah Porter, a classically trained painter. Nick and Dom have been playing TTRPGs together since 2003. A few years ago, while drinking beer and eating pizza, they decided to try to make their own system and asked the fateful question: “How hard could it be?”


The answer, of course, was very hard, but the experience of developing our first (and now our second) TTRPG were an experience we wouldn’t trade for anything. The resulting products are something of which we’re very proud. We became closer (and eventually lifelong) friends starting with tabletop games, and it’s our hope that with our games, you can make friends (and stories) that will last a lifetime.