Drinking Horn Games is made up of three people: Dominic De Duonni, Leah Porter, and Nick Porter out of Atlanta, GA. Nick and Dom have been playing and running tabletop RPGs for 20 years; 15 of those together. Like many adventures, this one began with a drunken boast: while discussing over what we liked and didn’t like about other RPG systems, we landed on the million dollar question: “Let’s just design our own system. How hard could it be?”

The answer, of course, was very hard, but the past two years of development and playtesting were an experience we wouldn’t trade for anything. That, coupled with Leah’s beautiful paintings and eye for art direction have led to a game system of which we’re proud.

Dom, Leah, and Nick

When they’re not making games, drinking mead or painting, Dom and Leah are both educators (Special Education and Art, respectively) and Nick is a Critical Care Registered Nurse.

We take ourselves VERY seriously.