Happy Friday to all! Before the weekend gets cracking, we have another behind the scenes look into the creative process of making Terrors and Tommyguns art by James Cornell. Enjoy!

This was actually the first piece of TnT art I was commissioned for, and as such, there was a lot of ground to cover.

The only real instruction I got was that Nick and Dom wanted Lux to look like legendary Golden-Age actor Sidney Greenstreet, which as a huge fan of Casablanca and the Maltese Falcon, I was more than happy to oblige.

Lux is the owner of the Hammersmith Hotel, and the enigmatic head of the Collective, a secret society that above all else, maintains cosmic balance across all planes of existence. As the player, Lux is your boss, and you would be wise not to run afoul of him.

So, I happened to find a delightfully imposing photo of Mr. Greenstreet, which I was able to use as reference for his face and costume. That was the easy part.

The trick was, if it was just a picture of an old guy, nobody would really find him very interesting, which meant I had some work to do in the background. Like the previous piece, Nick and Dom had a solid idea of what the Hammersmith should look like, but actually making that a reality was my job. So again, I went with Art Deco design elements to start, but then made it weird.

Over Lux’s right shoulder is the entrance to Euclid’s. The entryway is very much inspired by the Space Jockey’s chamber in Alien, for you H.R. Giger fans. It had to contrast with the picture frame and column behind Lux, and I hope it sells. Euclid’s is a pretty strange place, and Lux is a pretty strange guy, and to link him to Euclid’s, his eyes share the same intense glow emanating from the bar entrance.

The last little bit of storytelling I tried to add in was the painting behind Lux. The 1920’s was a pretty incredible time in the art world, as artists like Braque and Picasso were really beginning to make the art style we now know as Cubism a thing.

Cubism is all about deconstruction of real objects into a more raw, abstract form, and while the painting behind him isn’t literally Cubist in the true sense, it does perhaps suggest more to his true nature than the naked eye can percieve..

That’s all for this week! James will be back next week to discuss another piece of Terrors and Tommyguns art. Until then, come join the conversation on our brand new, shiny Discord server, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest Drinking Horn Games news!

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