Hey friends! Our lead artist, James Cornell, recently wrote down some “behind the scenes” thoughts about the piece featured in our recent Character Creation article. We enjoyed reading it and hope, as our Kickstarter approaches, that you’re as interested in this look into the creative process as we are. You can check out more Terrors and Tommyguns art as it’s unveiled leading up to the Kickstarter here.

“Euclid’s Corner/Halls of the Collective”. James Cornell, Digital

This one was a challenge, since I had to basically establish what Euclid’s Corner was really going to look like. The Continental bar from John Wick was an obvious influence, as were real-life Prohibition-era spaces, of which there are sadly few remaining.

While I tried to stick very closely to traditional Art Deco interior design, I also had to express a subtle movement away from that to imply the more ‘cosmic’ reality that Euclid’s brushes up against. I didn’t want to make it too obvious, but the columns on the far wall are decidedly NOT Deco, referencing an in-game cosmology that unfortunately ended up on the cutting room floor.

I also had to establish the look of Euclid’s patrons, which include both NPC’s as well as the players themselves. While the bars of the real-world 1920’s were pretty explicitly vanilla, both figuratively and literally, Euclid’s a different kind of place. All sorts of ethnicities, genders and cultures find themselves in Euclid’s, from the Maasai warrior tending bar, to the Native American adventurer having a discussion in the background. The Collective extends membership to anybody, provided they can be of service.

There is another character we see here, the enigmatic Lux Hammersmith. He’s a big deal in Terrors and Tommyguns, and fittingly the entire perspective grid for the piece finds it’s vanishing point behind him. Hopefully it’s not too obvious, but you guys will learn why he gets such special attention soon.

I hope you guys enjoyed a little breakdown of the TnT art, and I’ll be back to yak more about another piece of art soon!

-James Cornell

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