Hi friends,

So uh… how have you been? How’s 2020 treating you?

Yeah, same to be honest. I’m an ICU nurse when I’m not making games and… well, you’ve watched the news. Enough about that.

We’ve still been active on social media, but we’ve admittedly been a little lax on using our website and mailing list. Sorry about that. We still love you, it’s just uh… it’s been a heck of a year, right?

Anyways, we’re here today with a special announcement, but first we’d like to introduce you to our very special friend:

Our very special friend is named, if the first chapter of our NEW COSMIC HORROR NOIR RPG is to be believed, Sam Marlowe. And he’s just having a heck of a day…

But hold on a second. Did we just announce a brand new RPG, mixing elements of Cosmic Horror, 1920s noir, and secret societies?

Huh. So we did.

Terrors and Tommyguns is the new RPG from Drinking Horn Games coming to Kickstarter on September 29th, 2020. We’ve been working on this for about two years, and we’re really excited to show you what we’ve made. We’ll be unveiling information about the game mechanics, game world, and art as September progresses, with some great surprises along the way!

Be sure to stay tuned to the mailing list, our website, Twitter and Facebook for all the latest and we’ll see you on September 29th!

Until then, be safe and take care of yourself.


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