Hi friends!

It is a billion jillion degrees here in Atlanta so we’re beating the heat by staying safely indoors where the big bad sun can’t get us and developing/releasing more content for Sagas of Midgard! Without further ado…

Solo Rules!

The Solo Ruleset for Sagas of Midgard has been released and is available on DriveThruRPG! The Sagas of Midgard Solo Rules are great for Skalds trying to test out an interesting idea for an adventure, or for those who aren’t able to find a regular group to play. Featuring 23 pages of supplementary rules, there’s never been a better time to jump in and begin writing your Saga! Check it out while it’s still on sale!

On Piracy, and a hard decision

This is less fun to discuss. A few weeks ago, we put out To Reign in Hel, an adventure for our backers that they voted on from a number of different adventure hooks. We worked really hard on it, got some great original art done for it, and released it, DRM free, to our backers.

Unfortunately, we recently found it on a torrent site. This is problematic for a number of reasons, of course. To start, we’re a small gaming house– we don’t make a lot of money, and we reinvest basically everything we make back into the business to keep making great content. Additionally, as a backer-only adventure it means one of our backers leaked it, which is a bummer. It also means that it’s not exclusive to backers anymore.

After some deliberation, we decided that due to this development it’s actually hurting us to keep it backer-only. To that end, we’ve decided with heavy hearts to release it for sale on DriveThruRPG. It’s a great adventure and we had a great time writing/running it, and while we’re excited to share it with the world we’re sad it had to be done like this.

Southern-Fried Gaming Expo!

In happier news, we will be at the Southern Fried Gaming Expo all weekend from July 12-14! Come by and say hey!

We’ll be back soon with more updates, including the (almost finished) Heimdall Domain Expansion!

Cheers and thank you as always,


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