Greetings all!

How’s the beginning of Summer treating you? In Georgia, May is the beginning of Summer so here we are.

We’ve been busy, but admittedly not entirely with game-related things. You see…

“She’s a Natural 20” –Uncle Dom

Nick had a baby. She’s wonderful and healthy and wonderful but, as babies can tend to be, she’s very busy. So, you may ask– how much is that delaying our releases?


Yeah, that’s right. To Reign in Hel, the Kickstarter backer exclusive adventure, is still on target for a May release, albeit late May rather than early May. Here’s the cover, done by our very own James Cornell:

That said, while we’re not necessarily delaying anything per se, we’ve tweaked our schedule to include Solo Rules for Sagas of Midgard, coming out in June!

Solo Rules!

When we were first approached by Peter Rudin-Burgess to have Solo Rules for Sagas of Midgard, we were admittedly a little perplexed. However, we’re really pleased with the results. To borrow from his introduction:

The rules in the supplement are for solo role playing using Sagas of Midgard. Unless you are already interested in solo role play the most common reaction is “Aren’t role playing games meant to be a social thing?” The answer is of course yes, they are but that simply isn’t always possible. These days the lines are rather blurred anyway. People don’t think twice about playing an RPG as a video game. Solo role play replaces the limited AI built into video games with a infinite possibilities that you can come up with as a human being.

Hundreds of thousands of people play RPGs as play by post games and for them there is no real time social interactions. The appeal is the anticipation about what will happen next and the enforced wait until the GM posts their reply.

There are simply too many games sat on shelves that you will never get to play. With solo play you can get to play them all. It can also be used to get familiar with a new game before you try and introduce it to your regular group.

Solo play is all about you. As long as you understand what is going on then you don’t have to worry about anyone else. This opens up the opportunity to play games in completely different ways.

When was the last time you played the climactic final battle and only afterwards did you play the journey that got you that far? If you are a regular GM you know that some encounters only exist to deplete characters resources. Of themselves they do not really add anything to the story until that final scene when the hero discovers that he really wishes he had not used that rune earlier. With solo play you can hop about in the characters time line as you please. If you character dies well in a heroic climax then that is not the end. You can go back and have further adventures that came before that fateful day.

Look for the Solo Rules of Sagas of Midgard to be released in June!

Other Upcoming Releases

As always, subject to change as babies are born and inspiration hits but we’re not done with Sagas yet by a long shot. We’ve got more Domains, Artifacts, and Adventures planned. Stay tuned and thanks, as always, for your support!

Nick and Dom

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