Hi Friends!

How are you? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’re…  just checking in on you. How’s your April going? Good, we hope!
We’re having a great time, ourselves! Our partnership with Indie Press Revolution is going great, we just reached Bestseller Status on DriveThruRPG, and we tabled at our first Expo (but definitely not our last– see below!)


We’re just all over the dang place, recently. If you check our calendar, you’ll see that we’re running demos at game shops, taverns, back alleys– wherever folks will have us, really! If you’re an Atlanta games store and you’d like us to run a demo, let us know! Additionally, we’ve been accepted as guests as two Atlanta Conventions: the always enjoyable Southern Fried Gaming Expo and the braaaaaaaaaaaaaand new Multiverse Con! We’ll be hosting panels and hanging out in the game rooms all weekend so come by and say hello!

Upcoming Releases

We’re not done supporting Sagas (not by a long shot). While our “grown-up” jobs keep us from being quite as productive as we’d like to be, we’re aiming to bring out one new supplement a month. Here’s what we have planned for the coming months:

May: To Reign in Hel: This Adventure is the last bit of Kickstarter reward we have to give out, and true to our word while it will never be sold, it will be made available as part of giveaways, promotions, etc.  In the land of Agder there is a valley filled with impenetrable Mists; travelers give them a wide berth, as legend states that none who enter the Mists ever find their way out. Until now, of course. Whether by accident or design, you will find your way into the Mists, taking you deep into Niflhel, the accursed world of the dishonored dead. Complicating your attempts to escape will be the Lords of Niflhel, who seek to tear the Heroes apart by trickery, deception, and an Artifact of great power that exerts a disquieting amount of control over whomever wears it.

JuneThe Untouchable. Our first content supplement, this will add Baldur to the pantheon of Domains in Sagas of Midgard. Featuring four new Subdomains, as well as additional powers for the existent Domains!

JulyApples of Idunn, an Adventure. Your warband returns home from their last raid to find some unsettling changes. An unnatural winter grips the land and a cult proclaiming Loki as the new Alfather has spread throughout the land, and frost giants, previously held back by Thor, roam the countryside. What has caused this stunning disappearance of the Gods, and what can be done to fix it? Your village seer has an idea: locate Idunn and her mythical Apples, and use them to end the harsh winter and give the Gods renewed vigor to protect your land as they have for generations.

AugustArtifacts of the Gods. The Gods are as defined by their legendary equipment as Heroes are, and now, through luck, skill, or the tricks of the Gods, your Heroes will have access to them.

September (if not sooner): A SEEEEEEEECRET. We’ve got something big in the pipe but we’re not quite ready to divulge details yet. Stay tuned!

In Closing

We continue to be honored and humbled by the reception we’ve received to our first game. We know it’s not perfect (just spotted a typo in the Corebook yesterday, to our overwhelming chagrin) but we’re having a great time playing it at home and out for all of you, and the feedback the community has given us has been great.

Speaking of community, if you want to hear from us a little more often (and why wouldn’t you?) make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Have a great month and we’ll be in touch soon!


PS: It’s a lot of fun playing with artists. Here’s a quick sketch of Leah’s character she did on the back of her character sheet. Sigrun the Apple Poisoner
Isn’t that a face you can trust?

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