Hello friends!

Long time no hear, we know. It’s not for nothing. We’ve been waiting on some pretty big news, and HERE IT IS:


That’s right. We’re proud to report that we’ve teamed up with Indie Press Revolution to offer our Corebook in stores across the USA (and across the world!) This is big for us, considering a few things:

  1. More people will be able to see, order, and access the Corebook.
  2. We’ve been going to Local Games stores for over two decades. Never did we imagine we’d see something with our name on it available for sale. It’s a very, very cool feeling.

The Corebook can be purchased directly from them, or via your Friendly Local Game Store so long as they have a distribution agreement with Indie Press Revolution. To request your game store start stocking Sagas of Midgard (and why wouldn’t here), just head down and (politely!) bother them.

Kickstarter Exclusive Adventure

We’re not technically behind on the KS backer exclusive adventure, BUT since we had hoped to have it out by now, we figured we’d fill you in on what’s going on. To answer this question, we’ll need to play (yet another round of) “How did Nick hurt himself?”

The long answer, if you’re interested, can be found here. The short answer is he cut his hand open with a sword. Bummer. Anyways, he’s healing up nicely and can type again, so LET THE WRITING COMMENCE!

TL:DR — We’re hoping to have it out to you by April or May.

Where are we headed now?

Thanks for asking, no one!

If you hadn’t yet seen it, we’ve put a calendar up on our website for all would-be well wishers, stalkers, etc. On March 9th, we’ll be at the FREE Atlanta Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo (come say hi!). On April 6, we’ll be back at Manuel’s Tavern for the Atlanta In-Town RPG Day, and on July 12-14 we’ll be at Southern Fried Gaming Expo. Given that Nick is expecting a daughter in April (yay!) we can’t stray too far from home for a while (boo!) so come down to Atlanta and bother us, won’t you?

‘Til Next time

Thanks for your patience as writing unfortunately had to take a backseat to tendon repair surgery, but we’re back at it. It’s been a blast running the system out for folks. As always, you all make what we do worth it.

–Nick and Dom

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