Hello friends!

It’s been a great month (and a day) since we launched Sagas of Midgard. Sales have been steady and feedback thus far has been constructive and, by and large, very positive. We’re so glad you’ve all been enjoying the game as much as we enjoyed making it.

New Year’s Sale!

DriveThruRPG occasionally runs sales for their products, and we’re happy to be a part of their New Years’ Sale. The PDF has been marked down to $13.99. This is the lowest you will EVER find our Corebook, so head over to DriveThruRPG and pick it up!

Casting Pods

A few weeks ago Nick appeared on NerdLanta Live!, a live podcast at Joystick Gamebar in Atlanta. The audio of the event is available here: Nick comes on at about 17 minutes.

To Reign in Hel

Those of you who are Kickstarter backers will note that one reward remains unresolved: our Kickstarter exclusive adventure To Reign in Hel. Fear not! We’re currently working on adding a bit of art and polishing up the writing (Nick’s GM notes are… a little rough for others to try to parse out). We’re going to aim for a March release on the PDF that will be sent to all our backers but, as you know, we’re good at busting right through deadlines and shipping early!

Moving Forward

As we said above, we’re really humbled at the response we’ve gotten so far. If you have any questions, comments, stories of games, or anything else you want to share we’d love to hear them. You can find us on social media (Facebook and Twitter) or email us at SagasOfMidgard@gmail.com We’re not doing this for the money (trust us), so the knowledge that we’ve made (and continue to make) games that allow friends to have great experiences together is really what makes all of our work worth it.

As we’ve said before, we’re going to continue to support the game and, with your help, keep growing it into a system worthy of your own Sagas.


Nick and Dom

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