Hi friends!

In case you missed every single announcement, let’s make it super clear again:

Sagas of Midgard is now live for retail! Get it by clicking here!

We’ve had a great week promoting the game in-person and online and the reception has been wonderful so far. Let’s break down some highlights:

Launch Partaaaaay!

We met at My Parents’ Basement bar in Avondale Estates, GA and had some mead, some beer, some food, and some sales. It was a great way to unwind and relax after the summer crunch of putting the book together. Here are some pictures:



20181208_153454 20181208_212907 


Shortly thereafter, Nick went onto Nerdlanta! Live, a live podcast recorded at Joystick Gamebar in Atlanta. He had a great time talking up the system– Audio will be forthcoming Soon(TM), check our social media for links.

Moving Forward

The holidays are upon us, but we’re not slowing down. We’re plotting out our Con circuit for 2019, as well as where to play the game out in town. We’re working on distribution to get the book into stores. We’re ramping up ads and trying to do everything we can to get the game into as many hands as possible.

Beyond that, we’re planning supplements. We still owe you guys a Kickstarter backers exclusive Adventure– stay tuned for that!

Additionally, if you’ve enjoyed the system, would you mind leaving us a review on Facebook or DriveThruRPG? It can be difficult to convince someone to try a whole new TTRPG system, and your recommendation might be what pushes them over the edge and has them give us a try. We’d really appreciate the help.

Happy Holidays. Stay safe and happy raiding!

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