Hi friends!

Let’s get right to it:

Retail is December 8th, come hell or high water!

As we mentioned in our last update, retail got delayed a little from November 17th to December 8th. This was due to a few minor mistakes on our part that we wanted to be sure to fix (more on that later).

Quickstart Video: Behind the Scenes

You may remember that one of our stretch goals was a Quick-start video: how to make a character in Sagas of Midgard and get into the game as quickly as possible. While we intend to have demo characters available under the shiny-and-chrome Player Resources part of our website by launch, we all know that half the fun of playing a TTRPG is making a character you’ll remember for years to come.
However, we also know two truths about ourselves and our AV capability:
1. Our videos thus far have been bad
2. Many tutorial videos are bad. If they’re not bad, they’re boring as hell
To alleviate these problems, we came up with innovative solutions:
1. Hire an actual videographer rather than shoot it on Nick’s cellphone
2. Make it as ridiculous as possible

Did we succeed? For #1, you’ll have to wait until the video comes out (but the answer is already yes).

For #2? Check out some Behind the Scenes pictures and you be the judge:

Armoring up
Our Heroes
Ready for his closeup
movie MAGIC
Find someone who looks at you the way Dom looks at Nick
…But why are there two katana in a video about Vikings? WHY?!?!?!
But the real question remains:

How did Nick get his Black Eye?

Tough to tell under his cool-guy glasses (a thank you), but Nick had a pretty gnarly black eye during filming. HOW DID HE GET IT?


We don’t know either, but we hope that you do. It’s time for the BLACK EYE GIVEAWAY!

Once again we’ve teamed up with Tabletop Loot to bring you some PRIMO dice if you can figure out how Nick got all beat up.


Check our social media (Facebook and Twitter) for more details on how to win!

Of Mistakes, Typoes, and the Learning Curve

So while we’re still in our window for the Kickstarter (early, in fact!) we had to delay shipping/retail by about three weeks due to a formatting issue with the back cover that we caught at the 11th hour. It’s a good reminder that nothing can be perfect, and that we’re going to make mistakes. Lots of them. Truth told, we already have, we continue to, and I’d guess we always will. Hell, we’ve already caught another typo, but we decided to leave it in because we thought it was kind of funny (and not worth delaying retail for another month of proofs).

However, while we’re new at this, and while we DO make mistakes, RPGs are about rolling with the punches. We’ll never be perfect, but we’ll always continue to improve– we owe that to you.

So far, feedback on the PDF has been good. We can’t wait for full retail (the book looks AWESOME), and, as always, thank you for your support and we love hearing from you.

-Nick and Dom


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