I know, I know.

The bad news first: We had placed THE BIG ORDER for all of the books to send to you when we noticed a minor cosmetic blemish in the way the cover art had exported to the publisher. Rather than hope no one noticed, we decided to resubmit and are awaiting another proof. This is going to push back release a little bit, which is a bummer.

The Good News: Our new release date for retail is only a few weeks after our projected one, December 8th. We’ll be doing everything the same: ensure the proof is what we want it to be, get THE BIG ORDER, send it to our backers, and then open up retail.

Fortunately, we’re STILL months ahead of our Kickstarter “due date”, so while this is a delay, it’s not too much of one at all.

We’ve also just wrapped our first giveaway (congratulations to the winner of some fancy new dice from Tabletop Loot!) and you guys have your digital editions (it turns out) a few weeks early. So far first impressions have been good!

Thanks for understanding. We’ll get your stuff to you as soon as we can!

-Nick and Dom

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