Hey Friends!

How’s it going? The weather is cooling down here. Why do we always start these updates by talking about the weather? It seems nice, I guess. Anyways, on to the…


We’ve got something we want to share with you, but we’re going to play hard-to-get and not tell you just yet. We will be doing a Kickstarter Live on Oct 6, 2018 3:00 PM EDT. Come say hi and watch us be, as always, amazingly professional and comfortable on camera.
If you believe the above to be true, please re-watch our Kickstarter video.
Actually maybe don’t. But come by anyways.

The Art of Leah Porter

For our last featured artist, we wanted to end where we started: with the amazingly talented Leah Porter, our Art Director. This project would not be the same without her; whether through her wonderful paintings or eye for art direction, her stamp of approval and artistic eye is all over every piece of art in the book. Based on the response to the Kickstarter, and the number of orders for art prints we’ve received, it seems you agree.

See you Soon!

Enjoy the fall weather and we’ll see you Saturday, October 6th at 15:00 EST!
-Nick and Dom

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