August Update: Monster Art and Closing Touches!


Hello friends! (Or, as Joe Pesci said in Home Alone… “Hiya, paaaaaaaaal”).

How’s the weather where you are? Here in Georgia, it is hot and I am very, very pale. The bad news is I can’t be outside much during the summer. The good news is that we’ve had ample time and opportunity to work on the book, and it’s so tantalizingly close to done I can taste it. We’ve still got a bit of final art to come in and have to finish the VERY VERY EXCITING tasks of putting together a Table of Contents and Index, but all 110,000+ words are put in and formatted and all the art we could afford (with your wonderful generosity) has been placed and formatted.

“Wait a minute,” you say. “Your Kickstarter campaign said you’d deliver February 2019!”


There’s still a lot to do, including getting proofs from the publisher and all the other boring stuff you don’t want to hear about, but barring any catastrophe we’re planning to have all backer rewards out and the Book available for retail by the end of the year!

So that’s good news. We’ve busted our ass on this (and inDesign has in turn busted our ass), but if you’ll forgive me for being Southern…

Y’all? It’s lookin’ GOOD.

Monster Mash

Our featured artist this month is Jon Stachewicz, who took on illustrating our monsters. As he says on his website, “It was an incredible experience, and quite the challenge for someone like me who was less experienced with gritty monster designs. These monsters want you and your party of vikings dead, and they need to look the part. My typical, extremely twee aesthetic wasn’t going to cut it here. This project took longer than expected as I was teaching myself to work in a new style as I went, but I’m very pleased with the results.”
We agree and we hope you do too:

Humming along

We’re glad to be able to bring you guys good news and to continue to show off just a portion of the art that will be coming in your Corebook. As always, please let us know if you have any questions, and know, as always, that you have our gratitude.

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