Hi everyone!

As the dust from the Kickstarter is finally settled, we’ve decided to cut down on spam by sending you one update a month letting you know what we’ve been up to that month, as well as where we are in the production/shipping process. Hopefully this keeps you in the loop (without saturating your inbox), but if you want/need more updates or have any questions, we’re always available via Kickstarter, Facebook, Twitter, sagasofmidgard@gmail.com … you can find us, basically.

State of the Art: May

We’ve said all along that any money you guys pledged above and beyond our printing costs would go toward production, and we’ve been hard at work… hiring artists and spending all that money on some really, really cool art.

First off, we need to finish something we began before the Kickstarter. Our Art Director Leah Porter has done a great job bringing the five Gods featured most prominently in Sagas of Midgard to life, and there’s just one left to feature. With that in mind, we present our interpretation of the God Tyr, along with his dear Frenemy,  Fenrir:

“Fenrir’s Bane: The God Tyr”. Leah Porter, Watercolor with Digital Effects

But that’s not all. While we’ve contracted with a number of different artists, the one we want to feature this month is Roger Creus Dorico, who goes by Rowye online. We licensed some of his previous works and got him to make us some more. Here are just a few that will turn up in the Corebook:

Leah loved his work so much she went through this guy’s entire portfolio when we found him, and we’re really happy with how everything has turned out. Follow the link above and check his stuff out!

We’ll have more art updates with some of our favorite stuff in coming updates, but we’re also forcing ourselves not to show you guys everything so that you’ll have some surprises when the book gets to you. Speaking of…

How About That Book, Huh?

The Corebook itself is heading into its tenth (and hopefully final) revision this month as playtesting winds down and throwing the book into inDesign so it can go to our publisher ramps up. At time of writing this update, it’s 105,000 words and 242 pages with more to go; after editing and adjusting font size, etc, we think the actual book will be between 180-220 pages, and it’s gonna be packed full of content and cool art, with more to come after we ship.

The Stretch Goals have proven to be a challenge, but we’re working through them as quickly as we can, and we’ll be giving you monthly updates for these as well:

Stretch Goal 1: Adventure 4: Twilight of the Gods: At over 12,000 words, this one was a bit of a doozy, but it’s done and, if I say so myself, it’s really, really cool. Need to do a bit more playtesting but this is a highly brutal, cinematic adventure in which the Heroes fight with (and occasionally against) the Gods in the final hours of Midgard.
Stretch Goal 2: Hand Drawn, Fully Fillable Illuminated Manuscript Character Sheets): We’re sending our character sheet to a graphic designer as soon as this Update is sent to ensure everything is where it should be. With Leah having finished Tyr, she’s chomping at the proverbial bit to get started on this one.
Stretch Goal 3: Brave New Worlds: The Five Kingdoms are taking shape, but are taking a little longer than anticipated because we’ve decided to include more than we promised by adding new monsters for each new region as well. Look for Hashashins, War Elephants, and fresh RPG takes on classic mythological creatures (griffins and chimeras among others) to go along with your Gallian Knights and Albion Archers!
Stretch Goal 4: Premium Color Corebook Upgrade: Not much to report here. The Publisher will be more than happy to take our money when it’s time.
Stretch Goal 5: KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE, fully written and illustrated Adventure to be released in PDF form after the Corebook ships:  We’ve gotten over 90% of our Backer Surveys back (if you haven’t sent yours back, get on it) and with over 90% of our precincts reporting we can announce that the winner of the Kickstarter Exclusive Adventure is To Reign in Hel:

In the land of Agder there is a valley filled with impenetrable Mists; travelers give them a wide berth, as legend states that none who enter the Mists ever find their way out. Until now, of course. Whether by accident or design, you will find your way into the Mists, taking you deep into Niflhel, the accursed world of the dishonored dead. Complicating your attempts to escape will be the Lords of Niflhel, who seek to tear the Heroes apart by trickery, deception, and an Artifact of great power that exerts a disquieting amount of control over whomever wears it.

This module was some of the best RP I’ve ever seen at my table. I had a blast writing it and a blast running it, and I can’t wait to expand it and get it to you guys after the book goes out. As a reminder, while this will be used for promotions and giveaways, this module will never go on retail sale as our way of saying thanks for everything you guys have done by supporting us.
Stretch Goal 6: Professionally Produced Quick-Start Tutorial Video: We’ve gotten a videographer locked down and are planning to shoot this in a couple of months.
FINAL Stretch Goal: Every Adventure we publish for a year FREE as a High-Quality PDF for our backers:
We’re not going to stop supporting Sagas of Midgard as long as there’s a demand. Once the Corebook and To Reign in Hel are in your hands we’ll have announcements about future Adventures and other supplements.

In Conclusion

As first time project creators on Kickstarter, we want to be sure our backers know how hard we’re working to get you your rewards on time (if not early!), hence these blogs. Look forward to receiving one at the start of every month, or when we have something that’s so awesome we just have to share it with you.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, thoughts, encouragement, derision, etc. Our proverbial doors are always open to you.


Nick and Dom

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