And with that, my friends, our Kickstarter is finished. It was a hell of a ride.


We Closed out in Style with 53 of you last night. While we’re still not great at figuring out tech stuff (more on that later), we had a great time with a… spirited… bunch of our backers and well-wishers. Pulling together our Art Team and as many playtesters as we could, we took 45 minutes making bad jokes, talking about the game, and generally being a disgrace to the art of Livestreaming, something of which we’re very proud.

Some before and after pictures, as well as during shots highlighting the bad, bad lighting in my office:

So What Now?

What comes next?
You’ve been freed
Do you know how hard it is to lead?

You’re on your own
Awesome! Woooow
Do you have a clue what happens now?
-Lin Manuel Miranda, “What Comes Next?”

Just because the Kickstarter’s over doesn’t mean we’re going to stop bothering you. Soon, you’ll be receiving a Backer Survey where we’ll get all the info we need to send out your rewards. On our end? It’s time to get to work. We’re handling some business stuff today (Drinking Horn Games LLC, thanks to all of you, is now officially certified by the State of Georgia!) and tomorrow we’re getting back to doing what we do best: creating dynamic worlds and Adventures to help you tell your stories. No rest for the weary, indeed– and after that wrap party, we are quite weary.

Gluttons for Punishment

We’ve learned a lot this past month; among other things, we’ve learned what we’re good at and where we can improve. One of our biggest “areas of improvement” in our minds? Our video presentations. We’ll fix that for the tutorial video Stretch Goal by having an actual professional edit and shoot it, but while we do a lot of things well… shooting and editing video is not yet one of them.

Despite that, a lot of you have asked for an Actual Play demonstration so you can see what the game looks like in action. We’ve heard you loud and clear, and while we can’t say the exact format (audio only vs you getting to see our beautiful mugs) or exactly when it’ll drop, we’re going to add that to our worklist and we’ll let you know when that progresses.

One Last Time– Thank You

We say it a lot, and we mean it every time. The response from the community, and the faith that 189 of you had in us to deliver you a great RPG Corebook, has so far surpassed what we thought would be possible when we figured we’d make a ruleset that we’d run off at Kinko’s and bother our friends with.

We’re going to keep you guys in the loop with updates as our artists get rolling and we start morphing this from a Very Long Word Document into a gorgeous, professionally laid out book. You put your faith in us, and we’re going to honor that trust by showing you guys what we’re working on, and often.

You’ll be hearing from us soon. Thank you (yet again!)

-Nick and Dom

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