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Hello and welcome to Drinking Horn Games. We are the makers of the bestselling Norse RPG Sagas of Midgard, as well as the forthcoming Cosmic Horror Noir RPG Terrors and Tommyguns.

Terrors and Tommyguns is slated to come to Kickstarter September 29th, 2020. Check back here weekly as we add information about the game leading up to our Kickstarter launch. You can also join our mailing list and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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Sagas of Midgard
Sagas of Midgard
Terrors and Tommyguns

News and Updates from Drinking Horn Games

Rituals and Artifacts

Hello friends! For our FINAL Kickstarter preview article, we’ll be discussing Rituals and Artifacts, or means by which players can, at sometimes great cost to themselves and their psyches, utilize […]

Art Highlight: “The Devourer” by James Cornell

Happy Friday, Friends! Today we’ll be looking at one of the monsters featured in our recent Monster Design and Combat article, “The Devourer” by James Cornell. If you’d like to see these Highlights early (or talk RPGs and any other number of topics with us) hit us up on our Discord, and be sure to check out the Kickstarter preview […]

Kickstarter Preview Page is LIVE!

We are overwhelmingly excited to announce that our Kickstarter preview page is LIVE! You can find it by clicking HERE It would mean the worlds to us if you’d check it out and click the “notify me at launch” button. We’ll see you for launch on Sept 29!

Monster Design and Combat

For this week’s #Kickstarter preview we’re looking at Monster Design and a high-level look at combat for our upcoming #ttrpg #rpg Terrors and Tommyguns.

Oh, and there’s tons of awesome art too!

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